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This new interpretation of the Tourbillon ring symbolises Vhernier’s unconventionality and, as such, this Vhernier classic now comes in rose gold and titanium.

The two wide bands on the ring overlap to form an unstable, yet perfectly balanced architectural construction that changes depending on your point of view, just like a dynamic design. This impression of movement, combined with the extremely clean design, is one of the signature details that has distinguished the brand.

For the very first time, Vhernier is pairing its signature rose gold with the matte grey of titanium: a sophisticated, unconventional and utterly unique colour pairing, which is totally in keeping with the brand’s style, which loves to foray into unknown territory.

A resistant yet ultra-light metal that is much loved by the brand – which has paired it with diamonds in the past – Vhernier titanium is made precious by the extremely meticulous detailing crafted by expert master artisans in the brand’s workshops in Italy. That is how a new and extremely contemporary ring that exudes unique elegance, quite unlike anything else, has been created.

The new Tourbillon, which retails at 2,650 Euro, joins the classic versions that come with a rose gold band and a white gold band, a rose gold band and a band covered with a stunning diamonds pavé, two white gold bands trimmed in diamonds and a version with two white gold bands completely covered with diamonds pavé.

Vhernier interprets contemporary jewellery like no other. Since it was founded, Vhernier has challenged the conventional codes of traditional jewellery design and created its own. Each technique is so unique to the brand that today they are considered to be the mark of “Vhernier style”. Characterised by simplified shapes, soft curves, bold dimensions and mesmerising plays of colour, it is a distinctive style that is instantly recognisable and which mirrors Italian design, art and architecture.

This is a powerful source of inspiration, filtered through the rigorous yet understated spirit of Milan. Distinguished by shapes that have been designed around the body and extensive experimentation with unusual materials paired with the most stunning diamonds and gold, Vhernier jewellery stands apart from trends, and that is why it is always current. Hand-made in Italy, where the brand was founded in 1984, it is famous for its superb craftsmanship and flawless quality.


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