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The Calla bracelet is the latest extraordinary novelty from Vhernier. With a strongly contemporary design, different from all the other bracelets, it is easily recognizable as Vhernier: feminine, fluid and minimal despite the bold volume. It is a declination of the Calla necklace, Vhernier’s most emblematic jewel which had turned 20 just last year.

The design was born after a long research period aimed at maintaining the idea that gave birth to Calla - a jewel made up of a single repeated element, with a strong identity - and at the same time create an extraordinarily ergonomic piece, as is tradition for the brand.

Thus, the shape of the elements has been slightly revisited: gently curved, the cones wrapping the arm with exceptional softness.

The bracelet is proposed in the classic Vhernier rose gold, but in two different variants: mirror- polished or brushed, a less usual and very elegant finish for this shape that blends harmoniously with the skin tone.

There is also a stunning version with cones profiled by beautiful diamonds. While the titanium version looks like it’s coming from the future, the soft colour tone of the natural gray of the metal is enhanced by the light of the diamonds that run through each cone.

A jewel beyond fashion, destined to become a new Vhernier classic.


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