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WOLF Memento Mori A spirited collection brought to life

WOLF has lived for 185 years, the fifth-generation family-led company with lineage back to Hanau, Germany, 1834.

The Latin “Memento mori – remember death” is a phrase calling us to not forget that we are here for only a short time and that we must celebrate being alive. To breath every day is a gift. With five generations of rich history, here at WOLF we not only specialize in keeping your watch alive and healthy, we remember the sacrifices and innovations in our history that has brought us to this special moment in time. It is with this in mind that we created the Memento Mori Collection.

There are many references through history to “Memento mori” the best we think is what would take place during the time of the Roman Empire. On return to Rome, the victorious general would parade at the front of his column of men, marching through the streets in victorious celebration. Few would have noticed the aide close to the general, whispering every now and again “remember, thou art mortal”.

A dramatic inference and a simple message, WOLF takes care of your watch very seriously. We accurately count the turns and exercise your watch perfectly. The computer chip is the aide whispering to the motor and the timing sequences “remember there is a beating heart, keep if safe”.

This spirited collection includes a single and double winder along with a matching 8pc watch box and a single or triple watch roll for additional storage that elevates your growing collection. Beautiful smooth black leather exterior with skull embroidery makes each one of a kind. Lined with black micro-suede interior, chrome skull hardware and mesmerizing red light, Memento Mori’s dark and sleek design is a dramatic acknowledgment of your life and the life of your watch.

Retails: $149 - $449

Collection Details:

A WOLF winder is a handmade precision instrument. From the optimum size of drum and cuff to the technology that delivers exact turns per day, we test the tests to ensure we deliver the highest

possible quality – nothing is left to chance. A WOLF winder focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. Only a WOLF counts rotations – all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. Ensuring the highest commitment to quality, every WOLF winder is covered by a 2-year warranty and can be traced to birth by its serial number.

WOLF’s luxurious travel watch rolls combine the finest leathers and over five generations of handmade tradition. WOLF’s patented Watch Guards go between each timepiece, preventing scratches and scuffs. Lined with soft micro-suede and fastened with strong chrome snap closures, this unique and stylish design safely stores your watches while traveling.

WOLF is a 185 year old, five generation family owned brand. They make the world's finest watch winders, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, and travel leather goods. For more information on WOLF please call +1 310.473.0012 or visit the company’s website at


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