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Yvan Tufenkjian

There is a reason why being a strong woman is so powerful. 

She’s brave enough to live boldly. Think defiantly. Thrive exceptionally.  

The world speaks to her, telling her she is simply not good enough, or patient enough, to pave her own path and write her story. But she knows there is more to this curious world we inhabit than normality. So she speaks back, because her life is not bounded by mere convenience.

Instead, she is inspired by life’s repeated refrains. Revoked challenges. Defied expectations. It does not matter if the chapters challenge, change or harden, because these stories make her who she is: composed yet wild, and overlooked yet admirable. At the core, bold. Continuously, ever-evolving.

To the elegantly rebellious and bravely fierce women, the Sandstone Collection is designed for you. Whether you are looking to start your own story or eternize its legacy, this collection is yours to take on and be inspired by.

It stems from a concept that is meant to embrace women’s modern, empowered and refined identity, and echoes the non-uniform forms of nature’s curved shapes. 

Timeless. Powerful. Sophisticated. The collection combines fine detailing with the beauty of earth’s rare creations. Each unique detail stands alone to create a bold statement weaving a distinctive design. Accentuating these designs are exquisitely crafted pieces that are sure to elevate your presence wherever you are, and in everything you do.


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