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In ongoing efforts to protect the environment, the Resort uses eco-friendly practices and technologies to protect the fauna and flora in its premise

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, Qatar’s largest wellness resort, and the world’s first to blend Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and holistic wellness, reiterates its commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural ecosystem in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in the social and environmental development pillar.

Every 28th of January, the World Day for Reduction of CO2 Emissions is commemorated to highlight the need to enforce sustainable laws and practices across the globe to help reduce the gases that cause greenhouse effect and its impact on global warming. This year, Zulal Wellness Resort highlights the numerous initiatives taken as part as part of its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability in commemoration of this important day.

“Zulal Wellness Resort adopts several measures and technologies to reduce the resort’s environmental impact because we believe that personal wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with that of the environment,” Mr. Daniele Vastolo, General Manager at Zulal Wellness Resort said.

The resort strives to minimize its carbon footprint through reducing its energy and water consumption, using renewable energy sources, and recycling. It also focuses on the conservation of local flora and fauna through its practices and educational programs.

Electricity generation leaves a heavy carbon footprint, therefore a reduction in energy consumption is key to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Zulal Wellness Resort monitors their electrical consumption on a daily basis. The resort is designed according to green building standards that ensure energy and water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, indoor air quality standards, and stewardship over the use and impact of natural resources. The resort uses sensor activated LED lamps throughout their premises to limit unnecessary power consumption and the air-conditioning systems in guest rooms automatically turn off in the absence of guests.

Water is a driving force of nature and Zulal Wellness Resort is committed to put water preservation at the heart of its efforts. As such, the resort has installed a Sewage Treatment Plant to recycle the sewage and transform it to grey water suitable for landscape needs. The resort has also installed Water Aerator Systems throughout. As a result of all these efforts, the resort reduced its overall water consumption by 30%. Water is also sourced and managed responsibly throughout the resort. Lagoons collect water from borewells where the water is then treated with ozone generators which disinfect it using UV lamps. The overflow or discharge of the clean water goes back to the sea through a stream.

Zulal Wellness is also committed to minimizing waste and recycles resources where possible, with organic waste being used as animal feed and composting. Throughout its operations, Zulal Wellness Resort also uses recycled wood material and rejects plastic in favor of biodegradable products. For example, all rooms key cards are made with bamboo through sustainable practices.

To keep its beaches clean and safe for the natural fauna and flora, Zulal Wellness Resort uses BeBOT, an innovative robot beach cleaner. The BeBOT is a solar-powered beach cleaning robot that not only helps protect the environment, but it does so without polluting it. It uses batteries and solar panels, and therefore emits no greenhouse gases. As it prowls the beach silently, it sorts out plastic and other garbage, leaving a clean strip of sand along its path.

By inspiring the community with positive and sustainable lifestyle changes, the resort aims to instill positive lifestyle habits where future generations can thrive.

In collaboration with Chiva-Som, Zulal Wellness Resort is Msheireb Properties’ latest sustainable development initiative and the first of its kind Wellness Resort in the Middle East region, in Qatar.


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