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Aesheh Piroozi demonstrates the multiple uses of a brown eyebrow kit.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an eye shadow palette; create your look by using an eyebrow kit!

No one can afford to ignore the importance of eye makeup, because the eye expresses a person’s personality. The way you apply eye makeup is important in highlighting how you feel and what impression you want to leave on those you meet. It’s not about the amount of makeup you use, the colors, or the brand; it’s as simple as using a clever technique with a one-color product like a brown eye shadow to create both your eye look and to draw your eyebrow. So you have to know which beauty products you need and what is right for your own coloring and features.

If you are not a fan of looking at makeup techniques in magazines or on social media channels, you can seek the help of a professional makeup artist. Taking advice from the professionals can save you from buying makeup products that you may not be able to use. Not all of us know how to choose the right shadow palette that suits our skin, and not all brands are suitable for every woman.

To create a full look, you don’t need to have a wide array of makeup, with a multitude of palettes, it is enough to have only what you need to create a look that suits you.

Below I’ve listed the steps to create an eye makeup look using Mac cosmetics eyebrow kit:

Before you begin, it’s important that your skin and eye area be clean and free of any accumulated makeup or mascara. The area under the eye must be moisturized before applying makeup, as dryness in this area is usually not visible until after applying makeup—then the powder cracking is obvious, and the appearance of the skin becomes visibly less radiant. To be on the safe side always moisturize the area under the eye even if you are not going to apply makeup.

  1. After applying a base that suits your skin along with natural blusher you are ready to start applying your eye makeup. For a clean and accurate makeup look, I prefer to apply loose powder under the eye before starting to draw eye makeup.

  2. The eyebrow kit from Mac cosmetics is enough to use for your eyebrows, and as a natural soft eyeliner and for a simple or dark smokey look. In our look here I didn’t need any extra brushes as the kit already contains the required brushes in small enough sizes for both the eyebrows and eyes.

  3. Use the beige color to clean under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye.

  4. Use the light brown color to cover the gaps in the eyebrow—at the same time it will highlight this area.

  5. Use the dark brown colored shadow to draw soft and delicate eyeliner; in the look here I drew an eyeliner line from the middle of the bottom of the eye and connected the line to the upper wing.

  6. For best results the length of the wing should match the length of the eyebrow.

  7. I then finished off by using the beige color from Mac cosmetics eyebrow kit to clean around the drawn liner and to highlight the teardrop angle.

A brown shadow palette is the best makeup tool anyone can have, because whatever your hair color you can do your eyebrows with the different shades of brown instead of using black—even if you have black hair. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your eyebrows is to draw them with black shadow, because the look is too harsh.

It is also much easier to control the shades of brown, whereas with black it’s easy to overdo it. So even if you are going to do a black smokey eye look always start with light brown and gradually increase the color until you reach a dark shade you’re happy with.

Stick with these tips to ensure you achieve a soft and sophisticated look.


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