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Alexander McQueen

Signature corsetry is deconstructed, then reconstructed - turned inside out. Leather slip dresses are trimmed with scalloped lace. Oversized hook-and-eye fastenings in polished silver metal give a streamlined, modern edge. In polished silver metal it has a streamlined, modern edge.

Bone-stitching gives the illusion of underpinnings – softened in thread

Oversized silver metal hook-and-eye details are pinned to the corset before stitching.

A slip dress with an asymmetric drape skirt in burnished Welsh red leather is finished with black scalloped lingerie lace detailing: another reference to vintage undergarments.

An inside-out corset with jet graffiti embroidery in black poly faill

A second iteration of the inside-out corset dress with jet graffiti embroidery in black poly faille.

A corset dress with oversized silver metal hook-and-eye detailing and an asymmetric drape skirt, here in black satin.

Placements are explored in the London atelier.

A corset dress in black skeletal tulle has jet embroidered straps and bone detailing, a cage at the hip and blue, black and silver bead and sequin bluebell embroideries.

A tole of a caged corset.

The final embroidery is placed, pinned, ready to be hand sewn on to the finished dress.


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