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We don’t praise female trouble-makers nearly enough.

Yes, of course, the fashion world adores nonconformists. We’re inspired by the greats that have beautifullyrebelled—artistically or sartorially. Season after season, we channel the spirit of rockers who have never given a damn and style icons with signature attitudes.

But my runway today celebrates a different, invigorating and new type of rebellious spirit, one adopted byincreasing numbers of today’s young women.

For inspiration, my team and I look to the self-assured women of my generation, who demand control and are not content to simply push back—instead, they revel in pushing forward, (while also pushing every single button along the way).

This new attitude might have had its origins in the recent necessity of donning new defensive armor for battles that we had hoped were already won, but it has rapidly evolved, as our young rebelles grow increasingly aware of their own great power, celebrate their strong voices and demand to be heard.

This collection riffs upon that fresh, fierce resolve, that demand for control and love of bold action. And, justas today’s trouble-makers have shown us, first impressions sometimes fool those who haven’t yet wised up.So, train your eyes—look past the feminine and flouncy skirts, the sensual tops and the Easter-egg pastels—and focus on the underlying new spirit of this collection.

The tough-girl vibe is sometimes easily spotted and, just as often, cleverly hidden. Examine the expertly quilted leather skirts, for example, and what may at first appear to be a repeating pattern reveals itself as spiky, menacing studs. Yes, there are flowers—but fashioned from patent-leather, they add a dark toughness that’s perfect for this rebellious mood.

Throughout, the mastery of the Balmain atelier is always evident. Eager to build upon learnings from couture, our craftsmen continue to push me in new directions, urging me to bend the rules that they’ve mastered sowell.

This runway relies on surprising deconstructions, sculptural shapes, incredible tailoring, skilledleatherwork and extreme embellishments. I’m proud of my entire team’s efforts, as we’ve worked to ensurethat our creations match the level of daring of today’s trouble-makers.


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