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Berluti unveils its new Home & Office Objects collection

Honouring established house codes of creativity, heritage, and craftsmanship, Berluti introduces its new Home & Office Objects collection. Building on the maison’s offering of useful, elegant objects for desktop and tabletop that launched in 2020, Berluti directly addresses the desire for design as well as functionality in daily life.

Staying true to Berluti’s DNA, the Home & Office Objects collection reflects the maison’s long history as an artisanal maker, most eminently its expertise and authority with leather. Colourful Venezia leather is a hallmark of the brand and is integral to the collection. Materials are natural and honest, an extension of those fundamental to the brand, honed and crafted by skilful hands. Hornbeam wood, marble, and the SIGNATURE Canvas feature extensively.

Following in the spirit of Berluti’s tonal trailblazing, Venezia leather colours are vibrant and bright. Rich hues are inspired by the colours found in the architecture, landscape and foliage of the North Indian city of Chandigarh. Tones include Pinjore Garden Green, Blue Hills, Nespola Orange, Utopia Blue and Sukhna Sunset Purple. Objects are also available in TDM Intenso, one of the most iconic patinas of the maison. Produced by expert colourists, the distinctive Berluti leather patina is exclusively created using multiple processes, including hand-dying with custom pigments and applying essential oils.

Three key materials that are integral to the maison feature principally.

Hornbeam wood, used to make Bespoke Berluti shoe lasts, is an extremely dense wood with a fine grain. Rarely used for small-scale carpentry due to its sturdy hardwearing properties, this pearly sapwood is more commonly used when robust strength is needed.

White Carrara marble, or Bianco Carrara, with a soft grey grain, is used in the Manifattura Berluti, as its surface has a cooling effect on leather during the patina process. Over time, the maison’s marble worktops build up a colourful layered patina from the leather. Bianco Carrara, as well as black veined Nero Marquina, is used to craft items including a small change tray trimmed with Venezia leather, an ergonomically pleasing cylindrical paperweight, and bookends, both carved from a single block of marble. The marble set is emphasized with touches of patinated Venezia leather. The Bianco Carrara change tray and bookends are highlighted with bright Blue Hills and Pinjore Garden Green patinas, while the emblematic TDM Intenso patina matches the intensity of the Nero Marquina marble.

Venezia leather, a hallmark of Berluti, is used thanks to its soft yet durable properties. Its full grain uncoated patina comes in a wealth of jewel-toned colours, complementing the maison’s ready-to-wear leather goods, accessories, and furniture collections.

Additionally, the SIGNATURE Canvas – featuring the logo from the shoe tree of the very first pair of shoes made by Alessandro Berluti and the flowing calligraphy of the iconic Scritto motif – adds subtle accents throughout.

Items of necessity are reconsidered and recast with allure and artistry. Essential designs such as a pencil pot and change trays made of hornbeam wood are finished with vibrant patinas – TDM Intenso, Sukhna Sunset Purple, Pinjore Garden Green – and become objects to behold.

The collection bridges innovation and modernity with traditional craft, as exemplified in the Venezia leather mouse pad – available in Sukhna Sunset Purple and TDM Intenso – which is created to enhance digital working while featuring the iconic house Scritto motif.

The joy of analogue working – handwriting in notebooks, sharpening a pencil, writing with a favourite ink pen – is celebrated with a handsome refillable notebook cover in TDM Intenso Venezia leather, a luxurious desk blotter in Nespola Orange or TDM Intenso Venezia leather, and an elegant pen tray carved from a single piece of hornbeam wood, finished as well with a TDM Intenso patina. No detail is overlooked in even the most understated items. Minute dovetail joinery showcases cabinet-maker precision on the hornbeam photo frame, propped in a marble stand. Assembled with a clever magnetic locking system, the reverse of the photo frame features the maison SIGNATURE Canvas and TDM Intenso or Nespola Orange Venezia leather.

Echoing a growing desire for workspaces to be beautiful and inspiring environments, and homes to be a personal and intimate reflection of ourselves, each object is carefully considered to enhance daily life, both through function as well as style.

Berluti Home & Office Objects collection is now available across select Berluti stores in the region.


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