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Hear Yourself: Celebrating 10 Years of 12 STOREEZ

This year marks a significant milestone for 12 STOREEZ as the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary. Founded by Irina and Marina Golomazdina and Ivan Khokhlov, 12 STOREEZ has journeyed from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned name in the fashion industry.

A decade ago, the founders embarked on their venture, in which the first customers visited Ivan and Irina's apartment to try on clothes, which soon evolved into a thriving enterprise. Fabrics were sourced from regular stores, garments were ordered at a tailor's shop, while Irina and Marina's parent's home became the brand's warehouse.

Two years later, the 12 STOREEZ store debuted in Moscow. Subsequently, five years later, the brand initiated material sourcing at international exhibitions such as Premiere Vision and Pitti Filati in preparation for the launch of its twentieth store. The continuous evolution has been paramount, driven by a desire to expand with the current emphasis on prioritizing product and service excellence.

In 2022, 12 STOREEZ took a strategic step by reducing its style offerings by 25% while strengthening partnerships with esteemed factories worldwide such as France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and China. Today, their collections for both men and women are represented on the world's largest marketplaces such as Farfetch and Ounass, reaching a global audience.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary, 12 STOREEZ is excited to share a special story featuring its co-founders — Ivan, Irina, and Marina. The narrative delves into their insights on self-discovery, trusting instincts, and navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

The story was brought to life through collaboration with journalist Kira Altman, stylist Katya Tabakova, and photographer Alvaro Beamud Cortes, capturing the essence of 12 STOREEZ's journey against the backdrop of Paris. The team's additional support from afar with multicultural synergy from Spain, Japan, France, and Russia exemplifies the brand's global appeal and collaborative spirit.

As 12 STOREEZ looks ahead, the team express gratitude to their loyal supporters and tease exciting surprises in the pipeline for the year. Stay connected through the social media channels and newsletter for upcoming announcements.


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