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Boucheron Spring Summer Launch - Quatre

Classic, contemporary, and iconic, the graphic and sculptural allure of the Quatre collection is continually reimagined. With its four bands comprising its signature codes of the Grosgrain, the line of diamonds, the Clou de Paris and the Double Godron, it may be worn anywhere, in any combination. Minimalism or accumulation. The spirit of the collection: revel in the singularity of each band. Each brings its own certainty of style.

For spring, the season of renewal that we look forward to with such excitement, Boucheron is celebrating color and optimism with its Spring Colors campaign. The campaign is an invitation to enjoy the pleasure of the moment, and features ambassadors Alexa Chung, Nour Arida, Hannah Quinlivan and Youn-jung Go. These women do not act at being stylish. For them, it is a state of mind.

In the first element of this campaign, they play with pieces from the Quatre collection that have been metamorphosed into size XXL. In the second part, one by one they wager on the luminosity of their personal monochrome, all claiming immeasurable and resolute enthusiasm for each color block.

Each piece of jewellery created is a celebration, a pure delight, poised to embrace spring with style.



This pendant has a secret and original charm: the signature codes of the Quatre Classique collection are joined together in an elegant clasp motif, giving the iconic design a new look.

Quatre Classique diamond-pavé pendant, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD


Two Quatre Classique motifs adorn the wrist. Sliding on a delicate yellow gold chain, they can be positioned and moved around, so you can wear this elegant and stylish bracelet as you wish.

Quatre Classique chain bracelet paved with diamonds, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD


The four codes of the Quatre Classique collection come together in pairs to form the invisible clasp of this yellow gold bracelet. A rigid circle with a contemporary purity that slips smoothly around the wrist, like a subtle tribute to the innovative tradition of the Maison Boucheron.

Quatre Classique bracelet with a diamond-pavé motif, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD


In White Edition or Blue Edition, the Quatre motif takes on a sassy, contemporary look in this tie necklace. The ring is made of pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, finely set round diamonds and a flash of blue or white HyCeram. It can be slid along the loose-link chain. A promise of freedom.

Quatre Blue Edition large necklace, diamond-paved, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and blue HyCeram

Quatre White Edition large necklace, diamond-paved, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and white HyCeram


Two Quatre Classique motifs in yellow gold, pink gold, white gold set with round diamonds and brown PVD slide along this long chain, offering you a variety of ways to wear this necklace: as a double or a single chain, a long necklace or a choker, according to your mood and the style you are after. A contemporary game of metamorphosis, in true Boucheron style.

Quatre Classique diamond-pavé necklace, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD


A pink gold ring, a Clou de Paris line in yellow gold with brown PVD. These earrings are a reflection of the Quatre style and are bold in character. Hoop earrings with an assertive style to be worn with other icons from the collection.

Quatre Classique large hoop earrings, in yellow gold, pink gold and brown PVD


The warming tone of brown PVD from the Quatre Classique collection loves nothing better than to have a little fun with the mood of the moment. The pendants drape playfully towards a tonally coordinating chestnut-coloured bustier worn by Alexa Chung, and a mass of Quatre stacked rings and bracelets add sparkle to her sunlit dress.

Pure, glowing, and bright, the White Edition Collection allows this timeless hue to take pride of place for the season. No exploration of fashion is out of bounds. A minimalistic flow, paired with a sharp cut white jumper on Nour Arida, or perhaps a more playful approach: a skirt with a sassy print and chunky lace-up boots.

The denim blue-colored bands of the Quatre Blue Edition add a certain freshness and zest. For a dreamy aspect on life, a flowing cascade of pendants is paired with a ring on every finger. Youn-jung Go wears them with a voluminous cotton sky blue blouse. Alternatively, this azure HyCeram could electrify a simple white denim dress.

The glow of the red HyCeram which lightens and brightens the Quatre Red Edition lifts every spring look and rejuvenates any mood. It may be worn in the manner of Hannah Quinlivan, with a fiery, passionate, bright red blazer, but these rings and bracelets can be added to and accumulated and mixed with a multi-colored wardrobe.


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