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For the new spring summer collection 2023 Brett Johnson takes inspiration from his frequent travels to Dubai, where the designer recently opened his first boutique, within the prestigious Dubai Mall. That opening represented the realization of a long-time dream for Brett Johnson: the Middle Eastern city has always been one of his favorite places in the world and perceived by the designer as the epicenter of contemporary luxury.

Being finally able to showcase his brand there, gave Brett Johnson the desire to fully capture the sensibility of a true world traveling man.

Dubai and its landscape boldly influence the collection, starting from the color palette: from the Viridian green and Porpora red, to the elegant Van Dyck brown, Canary yellow and warm hues which evoke the natural landscape that surrounds the city.

The aim was also to offer a range of elegant outfits in line with a post pandemic time where men have discovered (more than ever) a need to feel at ease on every occasion. Accordingly, Brett Johnson weaves the collection in super light fabrics such as linen and linen blends, silk, jersey, cashmere suede.

Consequently, everything gains a fresh and airy feel, from outerwear to knitwear, from suits to sporty outfits. Everywhere, the designer carries his distinctive inclination on playing with different textures as well as juxtaposing different materials. Solaro ultralight weight double fabric that has been finished with beeswax to keep the skin moisturized has been incorporated in mixed media jersey pieces, woven outerwear garments with “house unique” knit inserts and even elastic aged Bermuda shorts.

Casual and relaxed attitude fuses with superior luxury, sophisticated tailoring intertwines fluidly with the everyday. Silhouettes are deconstructed to the hilt, injecting the collection with a loose dynamism. Blazers are deconstructed for a relaxed fit, while using a fabric composed of linen/cotton/silk blend that has the lightness of a shirt. A linen bomber is crafted in the world’s finest linen that can be paired with an immaculate pair of tailored joggers and drawcord trousers, also in linen, to create a renewed interpretation of the timeless suit. Furthermore, in the designer’s relentless research for fabrics and development of unparalleled products, he created a new denim that is woven with a linen and cotton blend.

Attention to detail is as always pivotal. Plongée leather jackets are enriched with perforations, knit inserts on the collar of t-shirts give a chic signature on the most basic garment. A new iconic loafer has been designed using cashmere suede uppers and sole to encompass the designer’s approach to modern classicism, complete with a rubber outsole to provide an additional layer of comfort. Brett Johnson loves this novelty concept so much that it has now been named after him for his passion its new one-of-a-kind craftmanship and aesthetic.

In Brett Johnson’s vision, freedom informs in new ways: contemporary luxury and functionality become the ultimate statement of true elegance.


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