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BY FAR Fall/Winter’22

“…forever and ever”

Taking off in a spiral motion from its core, BY FAR’s ever supple mind will once again accessorize our living and shared passion for play.

The Fall/Winter’22 scene is filled with liquified mirrors.

We touch the vastness within and create an image out of our need to believe.

Bold new pieces of fashion are now disrupting the known.

No escapism, but a dream we protect with the shapes and colours that move us.

Hidden, in the textures that strike a chord. Oppositions collide all into one. Humankind.

BY FAR is our smooth operator, riding free into an ever-romantic future “and we kissed as though nothing could fall”


BY FAR is a designer accessories brand that reinvents timeless silhouettes. It was collectively established in 2016 by sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova. Through their diverse interests, each founder brings a distinct voice and versatile skills to the label, cultivating a design aesthetics tailored to adapt to the complexity of modern life. The brand takes its name from the founders’ sons’ names –Filip, Alec and Roman. In essence, BY FAR means Made with love.

Developed between Sofia, London, and Sydney, the collections radiate a strong identity reflective through elevated materials, immense technical know-how and a tenacious quest for innovation. The pieces reflect memories and milestones, the design is always driven by emotion, dedicated to seducing all senses.


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