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BY FAR Pre-Fall 2021 is a goodbye to the comfort of your home. BY FAR woman is finally saying farewell to the endless days in sweatpants. Тhe only things she longs for in such quantities right now are going out and dancing. She wants to step out, to make new friends, to chat in the queue of a fancy new restaurant, to dance next to strangers, to wear make-up.

For the days she wants to feel comfortable and fabulous, when she wants to take it easy or add a little drama, BY FAR has her covered. From slouchy bags to 90’s supermodel worthy clutches, perfect pumps and easy-to-pull-off platforms, this is a collection of accessories that will enable her to move slowly, freely, slightly, gracefully, and well-balanced – like a kitty cat walking on the street.

This time, BY FAR approached the collection build-up with a whole new outlook. Starting by refocusing the carry-over offering on new colours for iconic styles like Mini, Rachel, Amber and Miranda, creating a brand-new palette of textures and rich earthy tones, including wood, mud, flax and cornsilk hues.

For Pre-Fall 21 BY FAR is returning to its signature suede leather. The softness of the suede, but on calf base, gives the styles a richness and a weight, a slouchiness that ensures they keep their edginess. The exotic animal textures have a new standout – the soft snake print leather with flashes of colours on a muted soft white background. And for the party spirits, the glittery disco print leathers will capture the stars in their eyes and make everything prettier like a shiny new Instagram filter, or the lenses that Euphoria was shot through.

After the exuberance of SS21, this new array of colours and textures creates an upgraded, grown-up look for the season but with the signature BY FAR sprinkle of je-ne-sais-quoi, making this a collection of statement pieces that are both a standout and easy to mix. True to the BY FAR spirit, indeed.

In a time of hope and looking forward to the future, with Pre-Fall 21 BY FAR is introducing a lot of novelty. Taking the very classic technique of pouring coloured enamel in the crevices of a metal mould, BY FAR has applied it to the distinctly modern graphics of the BF logo.

The same artwork is used for the final detail on BY FAR’s new line of knitted scarves. Made from an ethically sourced alpaca fibre with recycled polyamide, they will prove once and for all that nothing can look or feel better than sustainable fashion. Available in zesty hues, perfect to inject a little joy in your greige autumn wardrobe, as well as in black, camel and cream for when you want to hide in a monochrome look.

Another new addition is the range of belts – 90s silhouettes reborn in 2021. Super thin or extra-wide, you’ll just want to throw them on everything and let the hardware do the talking. The gold plating creates a stunning contrast with the leather and adds a beautiful focal point to any outfit. They come in a wide range of colours and textures, so you can mix and play endlessly, starting with the most stunning pairing of the Katina belt in cobalt blue semi patent leather with vintage blue jeans.


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