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We get it comfort is the key these days!

But in the many moments we got sick of sweats and slippers, we found that some fabulousness can be surprisingly comforting too. A pair of heels, glitter eyeshadows, bloody red lipsticks, jewellery and fancy minidresses can make you feel so happy and confident about the future, imagining all the beautiful memories you are about to create together.

For Spring-Summer 2021, BY FAR presented a collection full of cheer, liberation and comfort. Its vibrant colours and soft shapes bring feelings of excitement and joy, whilst encouraging us to lay back, soak up the sun and enjoy the moment. And when all this is simply not enough, there it comes – the spray print leather. It is BY FAR’s new textured patent leather, decorated with spray paint print stripes in neon hues, that will imbue every look with an urban sensibility.

This custom-made print was designed by the BY FAR design team and inspired by the spray paint works of the artist Thomas Trum and vintage early 90s print references. The team was looking for a fresh and unexpected approach to the very classic graphic motif of stripes when they ran across the paintings of the young Dutch artist, created with a wide-shot spray gun that spits out a vibrant colour. They were enchanted by the feelings of joy and liberation that aroused.

“The goal of the design team was to come up with something that will make you scream. The truth is you even love it or hate, but you can’t ignore it,” said Denitsa Bumbarova, BY FAR’s creative director. “We are getting out of our comfort zone with this print but isn’t it just what 2021 is all about?”

“Until now BY FAR has been sticking to feminine, classic silhouettes with a contemporary twist, achieved by vivid colours, but since the brand has always been all about emotion, we wanted to provide a great dose of it,” commented Valentina Ignatova, CMO at BY FAR.

BY FAR’s new spray prints come on calf and goat bases. The cow base gives a more structured look and a smooth patent finish, while the goat base has soft, supple hand-feel and a textured patent finish that gives a lot of depth to the colour. The leather is prepared in a special way so it can be digitally printed in its raw state. Finally, the print is sealed.

What is so special about this print is that because of the way the pattern runs, every bag or pair

of shoes made in this leather offers its own slight variation on the combination of colours, making each product really one of a kind.

The spray print debuted in BY FAR’s SS21 collection in three variations – on black, pink and ivory bases. They are seen on multiple styles, including the best-selling bags Rachel, Mini Rachel, Baby Amber and the newcomers Micro Cush and Lulu, as well as the mules Lenny, Gigi, Freddy and Tiffany.

Now let’s just sit back and imagine indulging in the freeing summer heat, dancing under neon lights against graffiti striped walls all night long clicking around in spray-painted mules and candy-coloured bags. It’s nice, isn’t it?


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