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An iconic symbol of love, the heart is ever extending beyond borders and time. It is a universal language. In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2022, Valérie Messika has reinterpreted this globally recognized symbol while simultaneously creating a ring that subtly combines both trends across a rocker edge and attitude with a whimsical notion of romance.

For the occasion, the designer signs a variation of diamond hearts which encircle the entire phalanx. This subtle offset creates a light movement that animates the piece and features twisted hearts which are simply irresistible. This novel creation, available through private inquiry, is designed as a wedding ring. It can also be perfectly stacked and styled in combination with the other exceptional offerings from the Maison, inviting an ever more daring néoporte – a new way of stacking – where the symbol of eternal love will find its place.

Valentine’s Day celebrates hearts of passion and hearts of fusion, the union of two beings and thus, two connected hearts, like the Toi & Moi ring. Here, Valérie dares to bring together a duo of diamonds in tangy touches of yellow and delicate palette of pink. It is through this iconic piece that Messika demonstrates its exceptional savoir faire in the cutting and setting of the stones. The two gems, nearly defy the gravitational pull as they are delicately placed on the ring as if floating on the finger of a loved one. If love gives wings, the this particular piece should symbolize flight.

“Here, I wanted to stimulate movement by playing with the offsetting of shapes as if the stones were dancing around the finger” Valérie Messika


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