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Comfortable temperatures, holiday season festivities, and fewer crowds make Malta more attractive in the winter.

Malta has been a prime travel destination in the warmer times of the year. With its stunning coastlines and world-renowned Mediterranean dive sites, the island has become a go-to choice for adventurous travelers seeking sunshine, clear waters and bliss. However, as many might not know, Malta has much more to offer in winter as well, and some might argue that it is the island’s best season.

During winter, the average temperature around the Maltese islands is between 17°C-20°C. This comfortable weather allows for delightful strolls throughout the cities and natural landscapes, and it is not too cold for the beaches to be off limits. Not to mention, the sun is constantly shining on the islands, so the fear of overwhelming cold is non-existent.

It is worth mentioning that during winter there are fewer crowds around popular attractions. That means, photography enthusiasts who seek Malta for its abundance of Instagram worthy sights, visiting in winter would be the better choice. That way, your photos will not be tarnished by the masses of other tourists.

To make use of the fair weather, guests enjoy exploring the islands on Segways during this season. Valletta is Europe’s smallest capital and is best to be explored on foot. So, why not make the journey of exploration more fun and add a Segway to the mix. Malta Segway tours offer an entertaining 2-hour tour along Valletta, with interesting facts about the city and shortcuts to popular attractions.

One international way of enjoying nice weather is grabbing a seat in an outdoor Café, and undoubtedly Valletta has plenty of those. Visitors who stop by such cafes will enjoy a more authentic experience, finding themselves mingling among locals and enjoying traditional Maltese dishes while watching people stroll by.

Of course, not unlike many other people around the world, the Maltese put a lot of effort in their Christmas decorations. Valletta has the most elaborate preparation with dazzling lights across the streets, and festive music all around. With cheerful displays and traditional performances across the island, holiday season in Malta is a sight you would not want to miss.

Malta has loads of other outdoor activities that are better sought during winter, like climbing in Gozo, quad biking, trekking, hiking and more. And with travel restrictions finally getting looser, it might be the prefect time to plan a winter escapade to the Mediterranean with your loved ones.


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