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Corinthia Yacht Club Introduces 'Cakes by Corinthia': A Sweet Symphony of Culinary Excellence

Corinthia Yacht Club, set within the prestigious precincts of The Pearl in Doha, is pleased to announce the arrival of "Cakes by Corinthia." These cakes showcase exceptional French techniques and the finest ingredients to create a collection which boasts a symphony culinary excellence.

Each creation is a testament to the mastery of culinary craftsmanship. Picture a Genoise Sponge and lavish Napoleon Cream masterpiece, crowned with ethereal Italian Meringue, and adorned with fresh raspberries. A velvety Strawberry Cheesecake marries rich creaminess with ripe, sweet strawberries in an exquisite embrace. Meanwhile, the St. Honoré, a classic French delight, showcases layers of choux pastry, decadent creameux, and caramelised sugar. The Vanilla Berries Cake, a masterpiece of delicate sponge cake and luscious cream, is graced with fresh fruit, while the Victoria Sponge, a British classic, features light sponge cake, fig jam, and buttercream, adorned with a delicate leaf detail.

“I have always been captivated by the artistry of baking and each cake I craft is inspired by the tapestry of my life experiences. My love for combining flavours is rooted in the diverse cultures I have been fortunate to experience. Every ingredient chosen tells a story, every colour paints an emotion. My aspiration with each cake is not just to satiate a sweet craving, but to offer an edible moment in time, inspired by the flavours that have shaped my life.”Bijendra Yadav, Culinary Director at Corinthia Yacht Club

Perfect for a myriad of celebratory occasions or simply to indulge in at home, "Cakes by Corinthia" elevate every sweet craving. Discover culinary artistry, elevate your celebrations, and savour the pinnacle of patisserie.


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