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Cynthia Bou Khalil - Nutritional Consultant and Clinical Manager Excellence, Allurion

Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” – Denis Waitley

Cynthia Bou Khalil is the Nutritional Consultant and Clinical Manager Excellence, at Elipse by Allurion, a proven programme that takes a holistic approach to losing weight through a world first and only weight loss device that requires no surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia. A clinical dietitian, based in Dubai, Bou Khalil has been working Allurion since May 2019 and believes that weight loss is a one on one approach fundamentally based on motivation, counselling and support.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Bou Khalil has graduated with a bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Université Saint Joseph (USJ) in Lebanon. In 2006, Bou Khalil went on to channel her passion for nutrition completing a Master of Science in Human Nutrition at McGill University in Montreal.

Today, Bou Khalil has more than ten years’ experience in weight loss. She founded a clinic in Lebanon where she consulted patients for five years and worked in Saleh Clinic and Wellness By Design Clinic as a Bariatric Dietitian for almost six years in Dubai. With such a wealth of knowledge, Bou Khalil has also channelled her expertise and learnings within the education sector, teaching in many universities in Lebanon and the UAE including the Lebanese University, NDU (Notre Dame University), USEK (Université Saint Esprit Kaslik) and Sharjah University.

Further, to her industry experience, Bou Khalil has stepped into the public eye hosting her weekly radio show on Nutrition and Health, called Sahtak bi Sahnak, for two years on the Voice of Lebanon radio station and featuring on TV stations, such as Dubai TV, MBC, Fatafeat and Skynews, to talk about health in the region, a topic she feels passionate about sharing and educating others on, often referencing that most people don’t have a problem going on a diet but struggle to be consistent.

Bou Khalil is not only an expert in weight loss, but she also supports clients with the likes of diabetes or metabolic syndrome. She is passionate about teaching people how to eat healthy foods in a manner that is scientifically proven to prevent disease and increase health. She looks at the “big picture” of her clients’ health history and lifestyle to provide the most unique nutrition plan and support through the Elipse Program. When reflecting on her approach, Bou Khalil says she is different from most other nutritionists; “I will never ask my clients to count calories, points or grams of fat, but rather support and develop a healthy relationship with real foods. It is basically a new lifestyle. There are no diets, no magic pills or potions, just real food and solutions for optimal health.”

Today, Bou Khalil works with Allurion to create an effective programme that is based on good healthcare and good science. With a proven programme of over 40,000 patients, it is a holistic approach to losing weight with patients benefiting from six months of dietary support to ensure lasting lifestyle changes long after the Elipse Balloon placement has passed naturally.

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