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Travelling in a Joyful State of Grace

Everything revolves around sine waves, there are ups and downs, apparently it seems that everything is going wrong, then suddenly it restarts better and stronger than ever. - Franco Battiato, Sicily 2010

This show is for you, Maestro! With Gratitude, Admiration and Love, Kean

The “Travelling in a Joyful State of Grace” collection wants to be a tribute to Franco Battiato, a man, a musician, an artist and a thinker that deeply influenced the vision and the life of Kean Etro. The two met in 1985 when Kean, still very young, was not involved yet in the ETRO business and that year created for the brand the stage set for Franco Battiato’s “Mondi Lontanissimi” tour.

A metaphysical trip. Beyond time and space.

For Spring Summer 2022, ETRO men’s creative director Kean Etro explores one of the most iconic signatures of the brand, its nomadic spirit.

Travelling also becomes a state of the mind and of the heart. Meditation brings to unexplored territories. In a joyful state of grace.

In the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin and of Dame Agatha Christie, ETRO’s nomadic journey tinges with reminiscences of archeological explorations in sun-drenched lands, where reality and dream merge.

To the tone of Franco Battiato’s masterpiece ‘L’Era del Cinghiale Bianco’, ETRO’s soul travelers take the catwalk, - set in the surreal, suspended atmosphere of the Scalo Farini area in Milan, where nature unexpectedly makes its way through the concrete, - wearing languid, slightly sensual styles, designed to feel good.

Nothing is as it seems. The sunrise on a citrus grove inspires the sorbet and vitamin colors, while the darker tones with silver accents echo a fascinating dusk. Everything starts where it ends.

More sporty pieces layered on kaftans are crafted from silk cadi and the classic tennis knitted vests this time feature silk georgette inserts for a new free-spirited and meaningful effortless approach.

The brand’s signature upholstery-inspired patterns are rarefied, adding graphic appeal to fluid pajama-like sets. Transparencies give a sense of dynamism to the silhouettes and add a dreamy vibe with fil coupe shirts enriched with golden threads. Metallic pants in coated canvas feel like landed from an interstellar world.

Long johns peek out from baggy shorts enriched with archaic symbols that also pepper the embroidered bomber jackets, while messages of love and optimism are printed on the trench coats and on the labels enriching the garments.

Paisley bucket bags are decorated with the “Crown Me” 3D studs, also peppering slippers, belts and jewelry pieces featuring turquoise and positive symbols, including a shining sun.

The nomadic spirit of the collection is also highlighted by maxi soft saddlebags and backpacks in washed leather that are juxtaposed to colorful pouches, functional and cool.


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