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Born in 1968, ETRO features the word “Freedom” hard wired into its DNA.

What does freedom mean today? Self-expression, for sure. And who better than artists interpret this desire for self-expression?

Channeling a non-conformist and independent aesthetic, Veronica Etro explores the universes of Rudolf Nureyev and Jimi Hendrix, artists sharing the same free-spirited, rebellious attitude.

Pictures showing him off-duty reveal the private intimacy of the ballet superstar, whose passion for Renzo Mongiardino’s home decors resonates in the sense of vibrant exoticism that is deeply rooted in the ETRO DNA. Nureyev’s sophistication meets Jimi Hendrix’s indie style with his languid embroidered robe coats, fringed blazers and evening vest dresses. The result is a wardrobe of special pieces but at the same time real characterized by a loose and comfortable silhouette.

Inspired by Russian ballets’ motifs and geometric intarsia, precious prints are juxtaposed to the embroideries of Nureyev’s costumes that Gimmo Etro, founder of the fashion house, has collected over 30 years. Upholstery patterns and tiger prints evoke Jimi Hendrix’s exotic world.

Patchwork coats infused with an artsy-crafty spirit find place next to urban quilted anoraks and cozy knits to wrap around the body. Mannish suits are rendered in brocades, while corduroy baggy pants show tie dye motifs. Tops with inlaid bibs exude feminine sophistication, highlighted by the mini and maxi dresses cinched at the waist by belts showing embossed metal buckles. Hoodies, washed jeans, leggings and outerwear, including bombers, parkas and puffers, add a touch of streetwear appeal to the collection. Its nomadic spirit is exalted by the use of flat boots and the canvas Pegaso camera cases featuring multiple pouches.

In this rich, diverse universe, the ETRO woman walks across an industrial space filled with light where Paisley motifs decorate like a tattoo the catwalk. The essential location is like a white canvas, where ETRO stages a rich, colourful fashion concept, introduced by songwriter Arlissa performing live from Los Angeles.

The brand’s colour sensibility and its exquisite craftsmanship meet an effortless, dynamic attitude echoing today’s independent spirit.


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