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In this particular historical moment, where we are all paying more attention to the environment and to our surroundings, special attention is also being given to the fabrics we wear.

And that is how Maison Genny decided to create an innovative trench coat designed to shield the body from external agents, protecting our clothes as well.

This garment has been made in a high-quality Made in Italy fabric, developed and used for the production of medical items such as face masks.

This fabric is processed to give it durable antibacterial properties and is made up of an inside layer in pile acting as a filter to give protection against: bacteria, dust, smoke, pollen and pollution.

Genny continues its commitment to carrying out research on fabrics with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment. The brand’s mission is expressed on each garment label, aimed at making our customers more aware and sensitive to these issues that are so important to our company.

The Genny Light Mask trench coat is a special item of the SS21 collection, sold exclusively online and in the new boutique in Milan at Via della Spiga 8.


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