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GENNY - SPRING/SUMMER 2021 Dreaming of Bell’Italia!

We are in the Verona area, in Parco Giardino Sigurtà’s wonderful garden, the backdrop specially picked out to showcase the Genny spring-summer 2021 collection, and promote a positive message based on style, modernity and peace of mind. The video, which will be posted online on 24 September at 10:30 a.m., begins with a message from Sara herself who encourages the power of Italian creativity and tailoring.

The new Genny collection is inspired by Italy and all its beauties; a journey through shapes, colors and graphics that tell its art, its music and its history.

The 42 looks, which were modelled around one of the park’s water-lily ponds, confirm a return to flowing feminine silhouettes, symbolising both breezy reminiscing and confident anticipation of enjoyable times to come. These timeless looks, with a 1950s feel, have a cheerful, yet composed allure.

Short violet- and lavender-toned jackets are matched up with shorts in a golden yellow and lime green print to bring new life to one’s wardrobe, while geranium red and begonia white intersperse with black and nude tone basics. The jacket can be worn as a duster, a robe, pyjamas, a shirt, providing composite relaxation. The tailored bodice tops remain lightweight with a graphic structure. Perfect women, as only Canova, the designer’s favourite artist, could have envisaged today.

The main feature of the accessory line is their size: micro backpacks or maxi shopping bags, whether textile or transparent. Quilted handbags with handles sporting a metal logo.

The outline of a violin on the side of an evening dress and a trench-coat with printed golden notes launch a homage to classical music. After Rossini’s overture to “La Cenerentola” comes the more intense “Va’Pensiero”, the perfect celebration of Italy, il “Bel Paese” (the beautiful country).

The grand finale bears the tricolour, with a series of long dresses in the vibrant colours of the Italian flag, winding their way through Parco Giardino Sigurtà’s intricate hedge maze, where all women will find their way to style and feminine sophistication.


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