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Since it was created in 2009, Rouge G has been more than a lipstick. An iconic object of beauty, endlessly customizable with its jewel cases reinvented each season, a palette of highly pigmented colors and ultra-sensory formulas. In 2021, Rouge G Luxurious Velvet ushered in a new velvet wardrobe for lips, in reference to Parisian style.

Today, under the impetus of Violette, Guerlain Creative Director of Make-Up, Luxurious Velvet lipsticks’ velvety effect is accompanied by a bold new metallic finish. A chic and sophisticated effect inspired by the fascinating glints of butterfly wings, a symbol that has been part of Guerlain’s heritage since 1870.

"Nature is the greatest artist in the world, the most fascinating source of inspiration. Butterflies, for instance, offer a magical spectacle with their captivating colours and velvety metallic effects. I’ve always dreamt of being able to reproduce these glints on the lips... ".Violette, Guerlain Creative Director of Make-Up

The tone-on-tone micro-shimmer creates a unique metallic matte effect, reflecting the light. Its ultra-fine texture guarantees pure comfort. Nourishing and softening mango butter gives lips an irirresistible velvety feel. Hyaluronic acid spheres smooth lips while preventing dehydration. This combination of softness and depth is coupled with 16-hour wear** and, last but not least, a highly pigmented finish.

The new Rouge G Luxurious Velvet Metal collection comes in six intense shades inspired by butterflies’ enigmatic shimmering colours. This butterfly mania has also given rise to three new collectors cases.

«I like a lipstick to be like a fashion accessory that you proudly show off to reapply your make-up at any time. With their prints inspired by butterfly wings, these new Rouge G cases are real beauty charms. » - Violette, Guerlain Creative Director of Make-Up



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