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Introducing KILIMI by RIANNA + NINA

RIANNA + NINA is thrilled to debut their newest collection — KILIMI, a timeless

series that draws upon the intricate beauty of Greek carpets.

Inspired by the rich heritage of kilim weaving found in various regions of Greece,

and Rianna's own journeys through scores of the country’s museums, the KILIMI

collection takes in the handcrafted beauty of this ancient form of pile-free

weaving and reimagines it with a modern twist.

KILIMI debuts with embroidered cotton fabrics and luxurious silks, promising a

tapestry of textures and hues to indulge the senses. Alongside these pieces are

the introduction of a groundbreaking series of denim creations, a first for RIANNA

+ NINA. Throughout all of the manifold mesmerizing designs of this collection,

Rianna brings the spirit of her Greek heritage into the wardrobes of those who

desire style beyond simple luxury.

Throughout this collection, a diverse array of silhouettes are celebrated—from

flowing designs such as the Kilimi Evening Overall Symi, effortlessly elegant and

complemented by Gold Lamé accents with a matching, hand embellished,

Swarovski crystal belt to accentuate the waistline; to the boxy silhouettes created

by the Kilimi Clio Jacket designed of printed denim. The collection also features

Evening Dresses, Beachwear, Scarves, Kaftans and more, all created of the finest

Italian fabrics.

The KILIMI collection presents a versatile range of styles for every occasion. For

more information and to explore the full KILIMI collection, please visit


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