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INGIE PARIS Autumn - Winter 2019 Collection

The INGIE PARIS Autumn/Winter 2019 collection reflects a well-balanced dialogue

between the East and the West. The new collection accurately combines the influences

of these two worlds to inspire unique and exclusive creations aimed at enhancing the

sensuality and personality of women of today.

Ingie reprises the historical myth of the ‘femme fatale’ and antique mythical figures

infusing modernity into these ancient references. The INGIE PARIS House perpetuates

this bridge between the Middle East and the West by delivering a contemporary and

glamourous collection inspired by the splendour and captivating beauty of these

women of strong character. Enthused by the imagination of these heroines, Ingie unveils

an elegant and feminine wardrobe, half way between Western attire, comprising

structured fitted jackets, high-waisted flowing trousers or oversized box jackets and

loose cut pieces featuring oriental ornaments.

These unexpected cuts and volumes, the daring fabric combinations, the richness of the

embroidery and creative prints express her quest for avant-garde esthetics and the

underlying perfect mastery of singular duality between heritage and innovation.

Flowers, pearls, roses and gold, emblematic signatures of the House, remain present in

this winter collection. Ingie mixes genres, dots of a plumetis are combined with the

angular geometry of chevrons, like tattoos, induced by the application of mixed-

material ribbons whilst the flower is worked with a more baroque feel. It is scattered

on the nude pink lace of a zipped short jacket or a long sleeveless coat, both adorned

with macramé ribbons.

A mere suggestion through a gathering of petals on a coat or

trapeze dress. Sumptuous details with hints of antique gold, an asymmetrical stream of

sequins adorns the neckline and waist of a tulle dress, glistening gold threads reveal

the intricacy of floral lace and the lamé of embossed leather asserts the originality of

pointed low boots. Meanwhile pearls fall in multiple rows under the collar of a blouse,

decorated with macramé like Usekh necklaces.

Art and precious ornaments characterize Ingie’s creations, particular attention is paid

to the choice of noble and luxurious fabrics which are cleverly combined in the

architecture of each piece. The transparency and lightness of a plumetis or fine open

lace work retorts to the opacity of a silky velvet or woven lurex jacquard. A contrast

also found in the colour palette, which favours black and white, combined with

burgundy, nude pink and sky blue. Sober colours highlighting the brilliance of gold and

the intricate embroidery.

Accessories are accomplice to these ultra-feminine silhouettes, seductive and innovative

opting for similar shades and fabrics. Embroidered or beaded pockets merge whilst

boots are available in sock style. Pieces with exalted sex appeal, multi-fabric leggings

in lycra or stretch nappa and patent leather sculpt the legs whilst gold croco low boots

give a pinch of impertinence to the step.

An elegant and distinguished mix of cultures INGIE PARIS unveils limitless style,

reflecting timeless and self-assured femininity.

By day and by night, the woman is the center of attention, an independent, international woman, a traveler, as free in her movement as in her thoughts, reflecting the true image of Ingie.


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