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Joint Space Launches in AlSerkal Avenue, Dubai

The new, integrated space offers an ecosystem of health, movement, and education to the Dubai community

Joint Space is excited to launch in the heart of the diverse cultural community of AlSerkal Avenue. Founded by Kris Rai and Paul Morana alongside founding team member Pavlina Rai, Joint Space is a one-of-a-kind integrated concept that offers individuals from all walks of life a seamless journey through an ecosystem of physical therapy services, movement practices and education.

Osteopath Kris Rai, Sports Physiotherapist Paul Morana and Movement Coach Pavlina Rai have been inspiring their patients, clients and others for a combined 50 years. It has been their shared ambition to create an environment unique to the medical profession and health industry, to shape a space that offers an all encompassing journey, a place that offers a genuine solution to long term health freedom and independence.

The philosophy of Joint Space acknowledges that each individual has their own unique biological landscape, and as such, each person must be approached uniquely. Joint Space has created a solution for people in all conditions whether they are injured, want to move better or are looking to develop sports specific performance, supporting each individual regardless of their condition, developing resilience to meet the challenges of their daily lives.

Being an educational hub as well as a polyclinic and movement space, patients and clients can take advantage of the wide range of service, including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatments, utilising movement practices and one on one movement coaching. The educational platform that Joint Space provides delivers workshops, seminars and talks on a wide range of topics that fall in line with its principles and overall ethos.

Every aspect Joint Space takes into consideration people from all walks of life; from children to pregnant women to the elderly, to those who live a sedentary lifestyle to those in elite sport, and for those who just want to become more in tune with their health, learn how to move well and stay injury free. Joint Space is a place for the community, the journey with Joint Space is for everyone.


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