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For the Spring 2020 season, Karl Lagerfeld had envisioned a collection that celebrates Bauhaus style — one of his favorite time periods and artistic movements, which is currently observing its 100th anniversary. While Bauhaus was originally characterized by its approach to architecture, the school grew to include various mediums, materials and disciplines: fine art, industrial design, textiles, theater, science, and culture as a whole. KARL LAGERFELD’s Spring collection pays tribute to Bauhaus’ simple yet revolutionary design aesthetic, which returns to the classics in shapes, silhouettes, and colors.

EDIT BY SEBASTIEN JONDEAU KARL LAGERFELD has appointed Sebastien Jondeau as its menswear ambassador for the Spring 2020 season, including an edit of the collection. Jondeau was Karl Lagerfeld’s personal assistant for more than 20 years, and spent his entire career by the designer’s side; Jondeau is an integral and influential member of the KARL LAGERFELD family. His edit includes white sweat shorts with a matching zip-up sweatshirt; black pants with a leather biker jacket and white tee; and a black and silver nylon windbreaker with matching shorts. For more formal occasions, he selected a monochromatic black suit with a black shirt and tie.

SQUARE + BLUE Patterns and typography were an important element of Bauhaus style, and the collection translates this into KARL LAGERFELD prints and logos. The signature look plays with the contrast of black and white, combined with pops of blue, yellow and red. New print techniques result in a range of graphic logos with matte, full, glossy and color-blocked effects. A sweater has a deconstructed Bauhaus logo in blue and white, while a white jersey sweatshirt has a vibrant KARL logo inspired by the iconic artist Piet Mondrian (who was known for graphic compositions of primary colors). For chillier days, a sleek white nylon jacket has a detachable waistcoat, allowing it to be worn as a full bomber or in a cropped length if desired.

CIRCLE + RED As the season continues, shades of black and white are accented by touches of tan and berry pink on jerseys. The signature look is about mixing-and-matching formal and casual pieces, like suit bottoms with a jersey top or simple pants with a suit jacket. Circular logos appear on sweatshirts and outerwear, while houndstooth prints adorn black and white suiting. The hero piece is a nylon zip-up jacket, which can be paired with matching nylon shorts.

TRIANGLE + YELLOW Hints of yellow and silver bring a summertime feel to these styles. Geometric graphics and linear stacked logos play with triangular motifs, while the designs have a technical and lightweight feel for warmer weather. Highlights include a black, white and neon yellow jacquard sweater with a 3D rubber KARL LAGERFELD print. Nylon shorts and pants can pair with a light cotton printed jersey or logo tees with frame and full print ideas.


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