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KIRIN unveils New Collection Exclusively on FARFETCH

Celebrating vibrant femininity and genderless dressing through a playful lens, alongside Peggy Gou’s own Korean heritage. Through colorful prints and modern silhouettes designed with all bodies in mind, KIRIN empowers the modern wearer to express their style and story through their attire - all the while embracing the legacy of the femme persona on society.

Key to the collection’s inspiration is the underlying importance of Gou’s own experiences and her take on culture, and the role of women throughout thousands of years of global history as curators of culture and expression. The intersection of these key values has brought about a collection rooted in color and joy, and one that celebrates our modern age of acceptance and freedom for all persons, no matter their identity. While staying true to the KIRIN design ethos of vibrant colors and intricate prints, Gou continually referenced this legacy in her efforts to illustrate the ideals of unity, collaboration, and relation for a collection that appeals to all genders and all bodies.

Figures of the human form are prominent throughout the line, most notably in the “Dancing Women” denim and knit sets, featuring joyful shadows of bodies intertwined in dance. The female figure is further celebrated in the “Women Profile” collection, offering an almost camouflage effect on trousers, tops, shorts, and a robe. Elements of Gou’s professional path are found in the collection as well, largely evidenced through the “Sound Wave” collection. The horizontal pattern brings to life the visual effects of sound vibrations, reflecting Gou’s own appreciation to the power of music to foster connection and creation across borders. Through a series of other specialty pieces – large carry-all bags, casual tees, and elevated denim sets – KIRIN is outfitting the next generation of non-conforming dressers, while catering to our modern age of free expression.

The KIRIN collection will be sold exclusively on from November of 2021.


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