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L’AFSHAR Fall Winter 2023 Collection

For the brand’s Fall Winter 2023 Collection, Founder & Designer, Lilian Afshar, explores new avenues with a playful yet contemporary aesthetic to elevate any look. Once again, Lilian took inspiration from her home-country of Iran but also from Italian craftsmanship.

The “Camille” and “Zhina” bags were produced in Italy, both with exquisite rhinestones and crystals on the bags. The “Zhina” bag is named after revolutionary Mahsa Amini’s real name in Kurdish. This bag serves as a symbol of strength, resilience and beauty. L'AFSHAR continues to represent craftsmanship and focus on the attention to detail. The Fall Winter 2023 collection represents a fusion of materials and designs that portray individuality and versatility by combining rhinestones and crystals, as well as leather and acrylic bags.

An array of captivating bags that cater to different tastes are represented in this collection. The statement rhinestone bags stands as an eye-catching accessory, whereas the leather bags add a touch of refinement. For those who prefer versatility, the acrylic bags effortlessly offer a fresh and modern take on accessories. The L’AFSHAR Fall Winter 2023 Collection redefines sophistication and captivates glamour. These one-of-a-kind curated evening bags elevate any look and are the perfect accessory to make a lasting impression.

About the Brand Established in 2013, L’AFSHAR debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2015, and as the recognition of the brand has grown, so has the range. L'AFSHAR effortlessly unites the worlds of art, architecture and accessories with its contemporary handcrafted designs, made in Dubai. Vintage glassware, architecture, and contemporary design influence the creations that come out of the L’AFSHAR brand’s timeless collections. Luxurious with an industrial twist, the brand aesthetic is precise and considered defined by modern silhouettes and compact sizes. In 2020, L’AFSHAR launched a line of furniture and objets d’art, called L’AFSHAR STUDIO.

The environments the brand creates are modes of expression, spaces invoking mood and feeling. Each L’AFSHAR piece is made with an eye to bold, sculptural lines, created to bring an effortless, enduring modernity to any atmosphere. Stockists L’AFSHAR is available in the Middle East at Bloomingdale’s,,,,, and internationally at,,


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