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LINDBERG Precious: pioneering the industry

The world's first wearable eyewear was invented in the late 13th century. Since then, eyewear products have continued to revolutionise to this day. One such revolution is the impeccable craftsmanship of LINDBERG Precious, the world's most luxurious and exclusive eyewear collection combining Jewellery and eyewear all in one.

Exclusive frames made of 18 karat gold, platinum, buffalo horn and beautiful diamonds, The LINDBERG Precious collection featured some of nature's most luxurious natural materials. LINDBERG is known for its Danish design heritage in its titanium eyewear collections; however, the Precious collection is deeply rooted in their history. Solid gold originally formed the very first prototypes of LINDBERG's iconic designs.

LINDBERG Precious is one of the very few collections in the world today that offer solid gold frames that are distinctively crafted with supreme technicality and quality. LINDBERG precious stands as a testament to the brand through revolutionary artistry within handcrafted, refined and technical design.

The most luxurious accessory handcrafted by LINDBERG in-house goldsmiths

The exclusive LINDBERG Precious frames are made from 18 karat gold. The gold is processed into thin wires and plates with a special hardening process developed in-house by LINDBERG. This process offers LINDBERG Precious frames the right degree of flexibility and elasticity without compromising their resilience or strength.

LINDBERG’s in-house designers and goldsmiths apply innovative internal solutions to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and luxury, allowing LINDBERG Precious designs to possess an elegant aesthetic and lightweight feel. Each Precious frame is designed and handcrafted by a specialised team of craft masters with great experience in both optometry, jewellery and gemmology ensuring the highest degree of care to detail to ensure optimum quality and finish, achieving an authentic piece of Danish design.

Individually numbered and emphasizing the rarity and exclusiveness of the individual 18 karat gold designs, the frames are produced in a strictly limited quantity for connoisseurs looking to indulge and impeccable eyewear and design.

Rare diamonds and buffalo horn

The LINDBERG Precious collection features a selection of pieces inlaid with individually set diamonds for those who prefer ornamental details of elegance. All diamonds are selected from the highest quality sourced and hand-picked by the LINDBERG design team. Beautiful in clarity and colour, a range of diamonds are available from pink, blue, green, yellow, to black and uncut rough diamonds – all pure and unique in their own form.

A special part of LINDBERG Precious design includes natural horn front crafted with temples in 18 karat gold. Suitable for individuals who prefer a more expressive style, the natural water buffalo horn material boasts unique variations in colour and nuances. These beautiful designs are some of the most exclusive creations within the LINDBERG collection. LINDBERG is committed to only obtaining materials including gold, buffalo horn and diamonds that are ethically sourced.

Award-winning design

The LINDBERG design DNA is evident in the Precious collection through its subtle, exclusive designs and elegant details. The collection features the signature elements that define a LINDBERG frame; minimalistic and functional design with discrete details, tailor-made adjustment, patented screwless hinges and quality materials.

In line with the LINDBERG DNA, the precious frames are flexible and lightweight, making them well suited for natural precious materials. In addition, the gold maintains both colour and shine through LINDBERG’s innovative solutions. These elements offer LINDBERG Precious an indescribable level of comfort, making this collection the lightest solid gold eyewear in the world. Furthermore, the pieces can be enhanced with sophisticated ornamentation, like high-quality diamonds and exquisite buffalo horn. LINDBERG Precious is luxury in material, comfort, and style. With this collection, LINDBERG designers and goldsmiths have transcended conventional eyewear design.

The LINDBERG Precious collection is internationally recognised and has won numerous prestigious design awards, including the “Silmo d’Or” prize in the luxury frame category and the “Red Dot Award” given for excellence in design.


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