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On May 20th, 2022, MAISON MAKAREM is to open a brand new pop-up space in Beirut. This unique new location will allow visitors to fully immerse themselves and experience the brand in a new way. Located in the Safi Village, a prime yet quaint location in Beirut's vibrant downtown district, the area is home to art galleries, artisanal shops, and boutiques. It serves as the perfect location for MAISON MAKAREM's refined luxury aesthetic.

The pop-up launches with the enticing "Rebirth of Venus" SS22 collection and a curated edit of the core collection's hand-painted beautiful gowns and summer essentials. Reimagined classics include the brand's signature Matador Jacket, designed in 3 new fabrications for the season. This jacket was where the brand's journey began and where the house touches base with couture once again today.

Diving a little deeper, the collection takes its inspiration from the surreal times the world is currently going through and how life is viewed from different perspectives. With an ongoing global pandemic and political unrest, surrealism in fashion seems to make sense now. After all, the motive of the original surrealist artists was to show a fragile world full of tension in a new, delicate state.

This is manifested in the Maison's hand-painted fabric through dream-like scenes and symbolic images that are a work of art executed by the Creative Designer to create automatism and a spirit of spontaneity. In addition, motifs inspired by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte are present throughout the collection, symbolising bizarre assemblages of ordinary objects translated into a painting and then envisioned as a garment.

Other luxurious staples such as broderie anglaise dresses, detailed shirts, and classic trousers adorn the store. Closet staples from past seasons are also on display, allowing shoppers to shop key pieces for their wardrobes throughout the summer period.

"After Beirut's hardship in the past years, we are proud and excited to open our pop-up in the city that marks a return to business.” - Layal Makarem

“Our store is an invite to new clients to discover MAISON MAKEREM from up close and a call to loyal customers to come in and connect even more with us and feel part of our journey forward". - Shereen Makarem

The pop-up will be open until late July, and throughout this time, the Maison Makarem studio in Raoucheh remains available for scheduled appointments.


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