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Max Mara Atelier F/W 2021-2022

The revolutionary tradition: the timeless coats of the Max Mara Atelier Collection

There’s an artist who draws the world without using paint, inventing it through the signs and materials of the real universe, in which tradition becomes revolutionary: Jannis Kounellis has given a romantic, sensual shape to contemporary life.

The Max Mara Atelier FW 2021/2022 Collection takes its inspiration from the experimentation by Kounellis, for twelve coats that open up new tailoring perspectives, in which shapes and volumes express the essence of contemporary yet classic style and the pleasure of everyday luxury.

Coats skilfully tailored by hand that take on board the imperfections of the artistic universe of Kounellis, in which the value of research becomes an alchemy that shapes a new season of outerwear in natural materials, designed to last and to resist over the years.

These are coats that explore the surface of the world, mimicking the rough texture of wood, the asymmetries of sheet metal, the hardness of iron and stone, yet crafted in the most noble of materials, with textures of pure cashmere, double camel, alpaca and mohair wool.

The inspiration for the colours comes from the material choices of the Arte Povera movement – chalk, stones, briarroot, jute, iron, blue and khaki – and the luxury edge of the collection is evident in the coal-black linings (the hallmark of the collection), the horn buttons, the leather inserts concealed within the necklines, seams and splits.

Coats designed to grace a variety of feminine figures: enveloping, shaped, oversize cocoon, minimal, frock coat, foulard, trench, cardigan.

Featuring distinctive jacquard effects, sophisticated belts that shape the figure and turn the coat into a safe haven like no other.

Max Mara Atelier is a collection that leaves its mark: the mark of fine Italian craftsmanship and perfect beauty, hidden away in the details and the finishes, in which once again, the authentic revolution is the ability to innovate along the visionary path of tradition.


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