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Monique Lhuillier Fall 2019

Fall 2019 is a celebration of excess — glamour drawn from style icons Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall and Joan Collins who brought flamboyant couture moments and iconic femininity to the "70s and 80s".​

Body conscious silhouettes, opulent liquid metallic fabrics artfully draped with plunging necklines and exaggerated slits create a luxurious ease. Lavish sequin covered looks, combining a floor length cape and slip dress and embellished lace jumpsuit bring that Hollywood nostalgia to life.​

Daywear calls for relaxed silhouettes dominated by playful and feminine butterfly prints and floral motifs cut in tiered skirts and blouson over-the-waist tops, paired will full-length tiered skirts. A burgundy velvet jumpsuit with structured shoulders and ruching at the waist and asymmetric neckline, minimal dresses highlight cocktail hour. Sequined joggers paired with an asymmetric bodysuit are sure to make an entrance. Ease and elegance are key.​

Evening is filled with exaggerated sleeves in bold saturated colors — fuchsia, red, and emerald standout amongst a rich black and white story. Faille floor length skirts and stardust-like impalpable gowns with asymmetric necklines add abstract playfulness.​

Opulent textures, bold colors, ultra-lux velvets, dripping sequins, crystal fringe, liquid satins, lame, taffeta, flamboyant prints… A party we all want to attend!​

Multicolored crystal studded boots and sandals reinforce the celebratory attitude of the collection. Edgy metallic leather sandals are finished with ombre plexi studded heels like floating stars.​

A great debut to faux fur: mink-like black and white outerwear as well as a fox-like burgundy coat and blush bomber jacket add a finishing touch to this eventful collection while intarsia real fur roses bloom on a black mink jacket.


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