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Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh™ hosts an “Imaginary Experience" in Doha

Off-White™ continues to celebrate the enduring vision and values of Virgil Abloh, by showcasing for the first time in the Middle East an “Imaginary Experience”, a world within a world that is simultaneously a map and a form of transportation: a spaceship, a theater, and a portal to another world—one devoted entirely to the imagination.

The “Imaginary Experience” included a Trunk Show of Virgil Abloh’s “High Fashion” collection, that took place at Studio 7, a design concept store in Qatar rooted in Arab culture, a playground of perception where function dares to have fun, that was followed by an “Imaginary’ dinner in a majestic farm in the heart of Doha, Qatar. To complete the experience, Qatar Creates, which is led by HE Sheikha Al Mayassa, held its closing tour of “Figures of Speech” at Doha Fire Station. The first museum exhibition in the Middle East dedicated to the late acclaimed designer and creative Virgil Abloh showcasing more than 55 of his artwork.

The trunk show that was showcased is just one of a profusion of interdisciplinary expressions in the city concreting “Imaginary,” an Off-White™ platform desired by Virgil Abloh and dedicated to cultural reinterpretation, disruption, and transformation as a means of instigating a new dialogue and format of the future.

Rooted in Abloh’s stated desire to define a universal language that transcends cultural parameters and opens the conversation to all, it affirms that the label’s next chapter remains grounded in its founder and creative director’s guiding philosophy: “Question everything.”This signature exchange between past and future, cultural and subcultural to articulate and progress the present is debuted through the “High Fashion” collection, all designed, envisioned, and finalized by Virgil Abloh.

Sinuous dresses are abbreviated to a radical micro length, while the waistlines of jeans and pants are notably dropped. Knitwear separates are fluid and glamorous, transposing transparent layers and sensual boucle wools with compact yarns and fuzzy, textured cutout jacquards. The appearance of Swarovski crystals advocates overt shine and luxe.

Instead of classifying haute couture as the origin source of the clothes distinctive to urban tribes, it examines haute couture as a pinnacle articulation of these lifestyle expressions and the practices and ideologies that form their foundation.

The ultimate creation is a self-portrait through the lens of haute couture. It amplifies Abloh’s always dimensional expression of what is ‘really real,’ rather than an expectation, stereotype, projection, or outdated ideal.


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