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Olivia Watt launches its first Haute Couture collection in Qatar

Olivia Watt is an haute couture fashion brand with a unique easy- wear style. Its atelier, based in Sevilla (Spain), forms a dedicated team of professionals and artisans with extensive experience in the fashion world.

For the first time, Olivia Watt created an haute couture collection inspired by the growth and culture of Qatar. The creator, a former lawyer, broke with conventional fashion rules to follow her own dreams: dressmaking for women who are discrete, confident, and rigorous. A hidden gem, now available at 51east (Doha, Qatar).

Founded in Andalusia, Olivia Watt wants to build her own identity and rightful position in Haute Couture society. The colors desert sand, gold, and blue with flower patterns predominate in this collection to show the creator’s fusion between the Art of Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus) and Qatar’s landscape.

“If fashion is cosmopolitan, haute couture can be born anywhere”. - Olivia Watt

The Autumn & Winter 2021-2022 Collection represents the rigor and dedication to achieve excellence. Each piece is exclusive and unique, with hand-executed techniques and extreme attention to detail.

“Excellence is a matter of details; is achieved when you focus on them individually.” - Olivia Watt.


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