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The wonders of nature are the most spectacular form of science fiction, according to Del Core. Science fiction, on the other hand, adopts the forms of nature in the Del Core world. The triptych of images released to advertise the Women and Clouds collection is a visual embodiment of this mutant, transformative mindscape.

The three vignettes, shot by Charlotte Wales and art directed by Lane & Associates, feature models Cassady Clover and Barbara Valente immersed in mysterious, fantastical landscapes redolent of classic seventies fantasy. Each image depicts a unique, fictional world, saturated in colour and obeying its own laws of physics: gravity turned upside down, a head as an island, yellow skies, shots of red in the ether.

The idea of mutant glamour which is defining of the spirit of the house is conveyed through elegant poses and a flowing choreography which highlights the intricate beauty of the clothes. In a further spin, still images are brought to life with subtle, meditative animation in the accompanying video.

A feeling of wonder and vitality comes through, in fantasy mode.


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