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HUGO is all set to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with a new campaign titled Reboot the Night. Starring a cast of diverse characters strong in their self—expression and ready to take back the night, the campaign goes from URL to IRL, bringing the joy of connection and togetherness to life during the celebratory season.

The campaign follows the group as they plan and gather for a casuaI night together, captured in cinematic style at each other’s apartments and crossing the city after dark. It focuses on the elements that make this season so special: joy, community, and friendship, all captured in the light—hearted setting of a celebration.

The cast wears technical club—inspired designs from the HUGO pre-spring 2022 men’s and women’s collection. Echoing the campaign’s cyber—inspired name, glitched prints, gamer— inspired graphics and a 'hacker green’ colour join metallic on backgrounds of black, grey, and white for bold contrast. The iconic HUGO logo comes in new iterations that capture the mood, offering impactful style whatever the hour of night or day.

Join HUGO this holiday season and make the night your own.




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