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Qatar Airways’ Oryx One Inflight Entertainment Debuts its New Theme Song

‘The Ascent’ by Dana Al Fardan

The Official Composer of Qatar Airways Group, Dana Al Fardan, brings a new onboard theme song ‘The Ascent’, marking new beginnings and adventurous journeys at a post-World Cup era with the award-winning airline. The new song is now availablewith Oryx One inflight Entertainment on Qatar Airwaysflights. Performed by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra members, the new onboard theme music will relax the senses of the airline travellers, setting the mood for an unforgettable flightexperience.

In 2016, Qatar Airways Oryx One Inflight Entertainment had partnered with Dana Al Fardan to create the onboard theme music. Fast forward to today, Dana’s work has become synonymous with the airline’sidentity, and is perceived as a symbol of travelin style with Qatar Airways. The Ascent’ marks the trilogy of two previous onboard theme songs, ‘The Awakening’ and ‘The Dawn’. Composed of musical instruments such as the piano, violin, viola and cello, Dana’s work introduces a fresh blend of Arabic allure masked in classical music. She has achievedthis by frequently including the Ney (Arabic wind instrument) and the Rababa (Arabic bowed string instrument), creating legendary musical pieces. Qatar Airways Group CEO, His Excellency, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “Music is a universal language, and at Qatar Airways we have chosen a theme song that uplifts the passengers and transcends them to a wonderful destination. I am proud of Dana Al Fardan, not only is she showcasing our Qatari culturethrough sophisticated art, but her onboard music has also become synonymouswith Qatar Airways’brand identity. It is now directly associated with travel, culture, and luxury. It brings me great pleasure to welcome passengers onboardwith the rhythmsof Dana’s new symphony.” The Official Composer of Qatar Airways Group, Ms. Dana Al Fardan, said: “On the 10th September 2023, we are releasing an EP titled ‘Trilogy of the Ascent’ where my compositions for Qatar Airways will be available in all major streaming platforms. The first track is ‘The Awakening’ followed by ‘The Dawn’and ‘The Ascent’, the last one is the upcoming boarding musicof the Qatar Airways. The trilogy capturesthe evolution in our shared human experienceover the last 6 years.Setting itself within the DNA of Qatar Airways, it reflects the spirit that seeks to take flight and constantly ascendto higher fieldsof knowledge.” She continued, “As a composer,I really want to capture the sounds from my country and explore the nuances of different Arabicinstruments, rhythmic patterns, and flourishes.

The idea is to preservethe authenticity of one style of sound and build it into another in a way that fits without one having to accommodate the other by deconstructing itself.”

Dana has played at the iconic Theatre Royal Haymarket in London bringing the Qatari composer’s work to a UK audience for the first time. She has also delved into musical theatre, composing the music for “Broken Wings” and “Rumi: The Musical”. “Broken Wings” was the first MiddleEastern musical that arrived in the West End, and it has been performed in various theatres around the globe. “Rumi: The Musical” premiered at London Coliseumto a full house and in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The “Trilogy of the Ascent” by Dana Al Fardan will be availableon all streaming platforms from 10 September2023, in additionto being availableon Oryx One Inflight Entertainment.

Qatar Airways Oryx One Inflight Entertainment features more than 7,000 entertainment options that allow passengers to watch the latest blockbusters and TV programmes. The award-winning system also featuresmore than 2,000 musical entertainment choices, featuring artists such as The Official Composer of the Qatar Airways Group, Dana Al Fardan.


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