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With the high temperatures and humidity, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing drink to help you cool down during the summer. GIA, the upscale Italian restaurant located in The Dubai Mall, will help you beat the heat and keep you hydrated with their selection of signature mocktails. 

GIA offers a complete experience of authentic modern Italian flair, from traditional Italian recipes to the gastronomic drinks menu. While the menu quintessentially focuses on traditional Italian recipes and fresh ingredients, mostly imported from Italy, the signature drinks menu was designed by the in-house mixologists and offers an electic curation of mocktails that blend signature flavours with a sensory experience.

La Vita E'Bella

Served with freshly squeezed lime juice, elderflower extract, mint and micro green infused ice cubes, La Vita E'Bella is a cosmopolitan twist on a breezy summer mocktail. The refreshing and light drink serves two and will whisk off your palettes to the golden shores of Amalfi. The La Vita E’Bella is served and presented on the table by the waiter and clients have the opportunity to take a polaroid photo to cherish the memories forever.


The Bellissima is a sublime drink boasting a variety of ingredients such as rock melon, cucumber and fresh lime juice. The presentation truly tantalizes all your senses. With the Bellissima you will not only taste the flavours but will also be introduced through scent. Clients will have the option to scent the flavours through the perfume bottle that is sprayed with notes of the ingredients.


For all the tea lovers, the Mediterraneo has a variety of ingredients that will keep you coming back for more. With a blend of chai coconut tea, vanilla, lemon and mint, the flavorsome Mediterraneo is the perfect drink to revive you after a long day of shopping.


It’s no surprise that the Malena is one of the guests favourite drinks. The Malena embodies the concept of good living - La Dolce Vita. With a concoction of chamomile spice, iced tea, peach & lemon extract and smoked cinnamon, the Malena creates an extraordinary experience. The ice tea is prepared on the table to excite all your senses. Presented with a layer of spices including cinnamon and cloves, that create a sweet and aromatic flavour, the waiter places the dry ice in the teapot and smokes the cinnamon stick that is garnished on the tea saucer to create a multi sensory smoke effect. A signature GIA stamped ice cube is placed in your cup and the smokey ice tea is poured. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the perfume of chamomile & smoked cinnamon and let the Malena transport you to Italy from your first sip.

Il Fumo

With a combination of smoked green apple juice, almond extract and lime essence, the Il Fumo is an appetite-stimulating mocktail to be enjoyed during l’aperitivo. The most instagramable drink in town is presented in a nitrogen infused glass dome topped with thyme and dried pineapple and fresh rosemary garnish. The Il Fumo will spoil your senses and compliment your meal perfectly.

The drinks at GIA are prepared to perfection and aimed to enhance the sensory experience of the guests, allowing them to feel a part of the authentic Italian culture.

Find GIA Ristorante

The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue Extension

For Reservations: 04 2349986            

Opening hours: 9am – 1am                                                  

Business lunch hours: 12pm-3pm 


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