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As the use of traditional medicine continues to gain momentum around the world, Zulal Wellness Resort is set to bring Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) to the forefront of the wellness industry in Qatar, the region and the world.

Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine contains an abundant source of ancient healing wisdom and guidelines for healthy living, much of which has been forgotten in the present era. Similar to all traditional medical systems, TAIM encompasses a holistic approach to wellness based on the traditional principles that were derived from ancient physicians and focuses mainly on lifestyle wellness practices. Many innovative concepts and practices from Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine have influenced and inspired the development of modern medicine.

As the largest wellness destination in the country, the first full-immersion wellness resort in the Middle East and the first centre for Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine in the world, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is setting a new benchmark in the wellness industry. Drawing on Chiva-Som’s many years of expertise catering to a global audience whilst retaining an inextricable connection with the local culture, Zulal is committed to creating wellness concepts incorporating the underutilized TAIM medicine system while showcasing Qatar’s rich and valuable medicinal resources.

“Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine is an expansive system which holds great value and is underused in today’s world. Zulal Wellness Resort will be the first wellness resort dedicated to TAIM which will enable Zulal to spearhead this unique system of medicine in a wider scale and bring a model that encompasses an extensive range of holistic treatments derived from TAIM,” explained Dr. Jason Culp, Research and Development Director, Chiva-Som.

Dr. Culp added that the principles of Zulal Wellness Resort are derived from the Canon of Medicine, an ancient text written by the Islamic scholar and physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna). These principles recognize the importance of promoting health through optimal diet and nutrition, sufficient rest, adequate physical movement and mental activity, optimal digestion and elimination, and finally clean air and proper breathing.

Zulal Wellness Resort aims to act as an educational centre and a leader in holistic wellness incorporating Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine with a mission to inspire enduring lifestyle change and thus contribute to building healthier societies. Zulal is created in the spirit of being a conduit for knowledge and aims to reconnect all the elements of TAIM and provide a seamless and exceptionally unique experience through its menu of wellness treatments and products that capture the true essence of the local culture and heritage.

According to Mohammad Al-Khater, an integrative medicine & naturopathy consultant, “Zulal Wellness Resort is the embodiment of the features of the desert and the sea that are exclusive and distinct to Qatar and the region and has formulated an expansive menu of services and products that showcase the brilliant effects of our local treasures.” Al-Khater added that Zulal has infused locally-sourced ingredients into its signature products and treatments including herbs that are well-known to local and regional communities such as the Sidr tree, an iconic symbol of Qatar’s heritage, and other newly-discovered aromatic plants such as the “Arar” plant (Pulicaria crispa) from north of Qatar, which has a very distinctive aroma that will become the signature aroma for Zulal.

Other ingredients that are featured in products and treatments include Camelgrass, also known as the Lemongrass of Qatar, local Qatari pink clay and dried seaweed from the beaches of Qatar, which help promote skin detoxification and beauty through various spa services. Zulal’s unique skincare line of products also includes camel milk, which is a nutrient-dense ingredient with a longstanding tradition of being used for supporting health. Furthermore, the creative process behind the creation of these products involves aromatic plants that are infused to create unique scents that will instantly evoke certain memories and emotions and uplift the senses. Diffuser blends have also been created for guest rooms, treatment rooms and the main areas of the resort to create the ultimate multisensory experience. The signature aromatic range of Zulal products encompasses blends with unique Arabic scents, such as the “Desert Mistique” blend, which evokes the unique earthy scent of the desert after rain.

Through combining a contemporary reinterpretation of local and regional traditions with proven wellness techniques, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is set to be a flagship for holistic wellness, incorporating Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine and pioneer in comprehensive family wellness.


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