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S CYCLE Designer Samiha Jammali Celebrates Qatar National Day with a Modern Twist

After an amazing start to the brand ‘S cycle’, Qatar’s leading couturier and fashion educator Samiha Jammali is already making her mark in Qatar’s fashion scene, and the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection: ‘Harmony Cycle’ sees an addition of some timeless yet affordable pieces.

Samiha’s designs seeks to bridge the classic and the modern through beautiful fabrics, cuts and a recognition of the importance of combining a sense of elegance with simplicity within the current fashion landscape.

With that in mind, Samiha has curated a range of outfits which within the ‘Harmony Cycle’ collection specially for Qatar National Day from drawing inspiration from the country’s iconic and strikingly bold National flag.

The collection is a visual color palette of maroon and white, interlaced with specks of silver and gold accumulating in a sartorial representation of a chic modern twist of Qatari culture.

With contemporary styles such as wrap-around skirts and midi tops, pieces within the line are embellished in an array of crystals, some even incorporating a ‘Doha City’ inscription on tops, representing a bold, fun and youthful attraction to the collection.

Samiha’s National Day designs also have classic traditional styles that have been given a fresh look in terms of draping and fabric, such as the Bisht’s within the range, which have been designed like capes with elegant side slits.

The brands overall objective is to be a product that can be styled in many different ways, from evolving from being an abaya to that of a dress. True to the brand’s objective, these additional pieces to the collection can be worn as dresses or over jeans, skirts and as abaya’s giving it the modern yet sophisticated look that Samiha had visualised.

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