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Sculpting time: the contemporary spirit of the Fall Winter 2022 Max Mara Atelier Collection

Giving shape to bodies and faces, capturing the uniqueness of the human spirit in light and shade - ‘mediating between nothingness and being’ - this was the eternal quest of the sculptor, Alberto Giacometti.

The Fall Winter 2022 Max Mara Atelier Collection is a tribute to Giacometti’s ability to question material and give it a new power. This translates into 12 coats with sculptural volumes that, like true works of art, defy time by remaining eternally modern.

Made of cashmere, alpaca, mohair and natural fibres, strictly Made in Italy, the coats whisper in the secret and tactile language of soft textures, where the woven threads of the narrative are formed through memory, time and skilful hands moving across the looms.

The stories are about the interweaving of fine materials and slow manufacturing processes that inspire wonder through apparent imperfection in their rough finishes and the surprise iridescence of the shot bronze surface of the linings, the invisible element that unites and illuminates all the garments in the collection.

These timeless coats have generous, distinctly-cut volumes with an emphasis on three- dimensionality, expressed in different silhouettes: from the redingote coat and the trench coat with pleats, to the foulard coat and pea coat. The boundaries between masculine and feminine styles are blurred to the point that they disappear completely.

The colour palette is based on tones of marble, clay, bronze, ink blue and burgundy. Graphic textures of the fabrics design volumes and thicknesses that give depth to black.

The Max Mara Atelier Collection is the epitome of understated, everyday luxury, where light and shade, and opaque and metallic surfaces intertwine, adding a poetic shapeliness to the dynamic nature of the contemporary woman.


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