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The private showcase of SICIS Jewels, the inimitable jewels that are the result of innovative ideas perfectly combined with materials that have always been a symbol of preciousness at The Dubai Edition Hotel has once again allowed the Italian brand to emblazon its high jewelry masterpieces to enthusiasts and admirers who were able to have a sensory experience of the enchantment of SICIS Jewels micro-mosaic with detailed explanations of the ancient micro-mosaic technique revisited in a modern way.

The new Ribbon Collection was the star of the show: three-dimensional bows in white gold covered in micro-mosaic and precious stones, with a central octagonal step-cut gem that divulges the color.

The Butterfly series, recently enriched with new color spectrum, is an epitome of romanticism and femininity. Through refined micro-mosaic workmanship, delicate butterflies ready to rest on fingers, lobes and décolleté were created in the shape of rings, earrings and necklaces.

The celebrated rings from the Tesserae collection, where each ring, characterized by a central gemstone of significant carat weight, can be divided into two rings to be worn "naked", with only the central stone or dressed in the precious micro-mosaic jacket were admired for their distinctiveness and ingenuity.

Among the other iconic collections are the pearls, which have always been a symbol of purity and perfection.

Moreover, the complete Calipso collection, consisting of the splendid multi-strand necklace of Akoya Light Blue pearls and drops in micro-mosaic and diamonds, earrings and the recent addition of the ring.

Delicate and sophisticated, inspired by the sea is also the Anemone collection, consisting of ring and earrings in white gold, diamonds and micro-mosaic, embracing a marvelous South Sea pearl.


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