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The 2023 Max Mara Bridal

The 2023 Max Mara Bridal collection draws its influences from a cache of timeless treasures. The enigmatic elegance of the East depicted in the movies of Wong Kar-wai (In The Mood For Love), Zhang Yimou (Red Lantern) and Rob Marshall (Memories of a Geisha) set the mood for a collection that is unequivocally modern and unapologetically romantic in which the focus is the feminine form. Plunging necklines and body skimming silhouettes are balanced by relaxed volumes with the elegant ease of kimonos or robes de chambre.

While dresses draw the limelight, tailoring is also a pivotal element of this collection creating options for those committed to the style formula of trousers, jackets, tunics and jumpsuits. Intricate embroideries and a frisson of fringe bring glamour to individual looks and the accessories that complete them. And while a palette white is a given, colour is a defining element, particularly with the use of a new warm tone we call “rosé” and a cool “aquamarine”. Combined with the new neutral, “silver”, and a flourish of “lantern red”, this collection is created to make a special day, extraordinary.

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