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Enter the timelesselegance and unboundcreativity of ValentinoVintage. A unique second-hand initiative of the Maison,Valentino Vintage reframesits iconic designDNA and expands its universethrough the many historical layers of the past.

First launched in 2021, the project invited the global community to bring their preloved Valentino garments to a selectedvintage store and exchange the items with the option to buy a new Valentino design,allowing clients to discover the beauty of past creationsand participate in an alternative mode of shopping. The initiative, whichfirst started with four storesworldwide, has now grown to seven vintagestores in selectedcities across the globe including Milan, Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo. This edition also involves a creative partnership with 1 Granary,who invited their student community, and seven fashion,design and art schools in the respective cities to join the initiative.

Every vintage boutique was carefully selected for its distinctive identity and its unique curated collection, representing a local culture exclusive to the city: each of them brings a new story and innovative vision to the project.

Valentino Vintageembraces individuality and authenticity throughits network of diverse locality

– while also connecting them. Starting from April 18th 2023, a global Valentinotakeover takes place simultaneously in the selectedvintage stores of each city through a shared temporality worldwide: each one will be transformed througha unique ValentinoVintage display, fully embracing the DNA of the Maison. Customers are welcome to participate in the vintage exchange program beforethat, with the maximum numberof garments to be exchanged growing from one to three.

Madame Pauline in Milan offers a new idea of vintage, one based on an eccentric and strong personality. The store conjuresup images of a sittingroom in a mid-20th-century apartment, creating the perfect setting for a unique timeless discovery.

The PlaisirPalace in Paris is situatedin the heart of the fashion hub Marais. The choice of owner and former art collector Didier Barroso is daringly colorful,infused with a distinctive sophistication and elegance.


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