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In a tribute to Venice's glorious history in textiles and glass making, the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia edition is crafted with sumptuous Fortuny textiles and colorful glass beads made in Murano.

For over eight centuries, the tiny island of Murano on the Venice Lagoon has elevated the art of glass making to unrivaled levels of elegance, technique and creativity.

In the legendary textile mill founded by Mariano Fortuny, who in 1922 transformed an ancient convent on the island of Giudecca into his factory, still today the fabrics are made on the original machines. The three different cottons used for the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia span from metallic motifs in gentle hints of gold and copper against ivory and dusty teal blue to accents of lavender and deep red on a creamy base to a pattern in a mix of green and beige.

Named after the Italian word for “small pastry,” the Pasticcino Bag seamlessly balances a sweet nature with a strong personality. This playful clutch shape, rendered in endless variations, is characterized by a ball clasp that in the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia is made by Gambaro & Tagliapietra, celebrated for its artistic glass objects and one-of-a-kind pieces since 1974.

The two boules that adorn the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia are hand made by a master glass maker. One fuses an ivory base with streaks of contrasting nuances for a “marbleized” effect, while the other one is made with a pastel-tinged base, soaked or “sommerso” in a clear glass finish.

Infinitely versatile, squishy and spacious, the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia elevates its uniqueness and ever-evolving desirability.

The bag is available in store now.



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