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Anaskela launches the Geometria collection, a bold collection of travel towels that feature striking prints, functional designs, and a deep respect for the environment.

The front side of each towel presents a dynamic geometric pattern, inspired by the shapes and movement of the sea. The back of the towel is understated, a single block colour, while an uninterrupted trim frames the rounded corners. The towel is incredibly lightweight, that is thin yet super-absorbent and fits into a handy cotton drawstring pouch carries the towel which, when folded, fits into the palm of your hand.

Each Anaskela towel is composed of yarn from repurposed PET bottles, woven with polyester and nylon to create a unique fabric whilst ultimately keeping those plastic bottles off the landfill and out of our seas. Anaskela’s towels are the first of their kind and revolutionary to modern-day travel.


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