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Boundlessly free, incredibly playful, slightly cheeky, the Jack de Boucheron collection has opened an unprecedented chapter in the history of the House. Capable of all variations it has, since 2019, shaken up the ways a jewel can be worn, by mischievously adapting to the look and the imagination of every woman. Borrowing its ultra-contemporary suppleness to audio cables, this highly desirable cord plays the 2.0 effect up to its clasp, inspired by the Jack plug. As a necklace or a bracelet, transformed into a brooch or an earring, Jack is every jewel at once. For mixing, connecting, stacking up, transforming, having fun and being worn as freely as wanted. A flexible jewel as an emblem of multi-wear, offered like a blank sheet to the unruly creative woman who will adopt it to define her own codes, comfortable with her uniqueness.


Jack is an emblem of its time and is proud to show it.

Its clasp? Inspired by a jack.

Its flexible chain? Designed in the image of audio cables.

Its daring invention? Making the ultra-graphic clasp the focal point of the design.

Whether in the 'full gold' version or partially sheathed with diamonds, it is right on trend.



Jack reinvents itself through these couture ear pendants: the iconic faceted clasp – this time placed vertically – is a yellow gold pendant here, enhanced at its heart by a line of round diamonds with a single diamond at its end like a touch of light.


Five times Jack! This precious limited edition box hides five yellow gold brooches set with diamonds, to pick and combine according to your inspiration: XL brooch to pin majestically, small brooches to pin freely and, for four of them, ear studs to wear lavishly!


What if this long necklace said all about the essence of the Jack collection? A jewel as a token of style, allowing every eccentricity. Here is a soft 105cm long yellow gold cord, sealed by a jewel clasp entirely paved with diamonds. Simple and sumptuous, sharp-featured yet curvy, contrasts allowing every way to wear it: as a one, two or three strand necklace, as a choker or in its longer version. The rule? Freedom.



A jewelry box, five Jack brooches of different sizes, and endless possibilities. Here they are as couture details, pinned to a waistcoat buttonhole worn as a tank top. Pinned alone, they enhance the lapel of a trench coat, or the cowl neck of a wool jumper. They can also be mixed with a contemporary parure as ear jewels and a brooch on an ultra black graphic look.


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