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This year’s limited edition, holiday season Gift Sets from LOEWE Perfumes include specially curated pairs of Scented Candles in exclusive packaging adorned with the nature-inspired motifs of British Arts & Crafts-era artist, Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941).

Voysey’s seminal work has inspired this year’s edition of LOEWE’s seasonal capsule collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, with his 1898 ‘Apothecary’s Garden’ wallpaper pattern playing across the house’s signature gift-wrap, boxes and labels.

Featuring an airy menagerie of birds, grasshoppers, medicinal plants, flowers and berries, the pattern evokes the cheerful, escapist atmosphere of a fantasy herbarium. It’s a lyrical expression of the eclectic LOEWE holiday gifts fragrance collection: Gift Sets of full-size scent from LOEWE’s Botanical Rainbow paired with matching fragrant accessories, and two pairs of LOEWE Home Scents Scented Candles: ‘Tomato Leaves and Luscious Pea’ and ‘Honeysuckle and Ivy’.

Each fragrance in the LOEWE Home Scents range portrays the raw essence of a single plant, flower or herb, revealing additional notes over time. And while each scent may be combined with multiple others, these two Scented Candle Gift Set pairs have been chosen for their especially enhancing characters.

LOEWE Home Scents Green Candle Gift Set includes one ‘Tomato Leaves’, a high-intensity scent that captures the smell of tomato plants and reveals notes of cassis berries once lit, and one ‘Luscious Pea’, a mid-intensity scent that evokes the aroma of peas sprouting in spring and reveals aquatic notes once lit.

Meanwhile, the LOEWE Home Scents Floral Candle Gift Set includes ‘Honeysuckle’ and ‘Ivy’ Scented Candles, both of which present fragrances with delicate, floral aspects. ‘Ivy’ candle has a mid-intensity woody scent evoking the verdant aroma of the leafy, climbing vine. It reveals delicate floral notes once lit. ‘Honeysuckle’ candle has a low-intensity floral scent portraying the sweet aroma of this climbing, flowering plant. It reveals delicate, honeyed notes once lit.

The handcrafted ceramic vessels with a ribbed design inspired by a 5th Century BC Greek mug are also glazed in complementary colours: red for Tomato Leaves and green for Luscious Pea, pink for Ivy and yellow for Honeysuckle: making these curated combinations a visual as well as olfactory enhancement for any space.

The LOEWE Pefumes Gifting Collection is available from November 11th in, and selected retailers in time for the holiday season.


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